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Susan Fairley, April 2015 - click here to read full article

Quite energetically "sparky" out there this year isn't it? So, what's new – maybe not new - actually a bit more than that, eh? 

The old chestnuts seem to be coming back and:

·       night sweats

·       palpitations

·       lethargy

·       body pains

·       anger

·       depression 

are all fairly high on the list.

We are none of us immune are we? It is at times like this that I am reminded of the late Vicky Wall's advice (creator of Aura-Soma), “keep trimming your wicks!" - which seems to say it all.

In no particular order, here are a few suggestions to dowse over and clear:


I have never been someone excited by mathematics or fascinated by numbers and equations but by chance in 2006 I discovered the power of numbers and qualified as a Numerologist.  It opened up a whole new world to me. --> -->

Numerology - The Science of Self Discovery

I have never been someone excited by mathematics or fascinated by numbers and equations but by chance in 2006 I discovered the power of numbers and qualified as a Numerologist.  It opened up a whole new world to me.

Michael Hill - Victor Hugo’s Conversations with Galileo Galilei

I thought you would be interested as I was to read an extract from Victor Hugo's Conversations with Galileo Galilei.

Victor Hugo spent twenty years in the Channel Isles having been exiled by Napoleon lll. Hugo, a nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, author of "Les Miserables" and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", was convinced of the facts of survival after bodily death.  For many years he talked to discarnates through table tapping ........

New Beginnings - Linda Turner

January 2013. A new year; a time of new beginnings; a time to embrace that which we desire and leave behind those things that don't serve us, or please us any longer.

Fortunately mankind can now leave behind the fear that our world would end on 21 December 2012. Instead perhaps there may be the beginnings of a realisation that the Earth has just ended another 26,000-year cycle and is beginning a bright new era. The Shift of the Ages website, describes this phenomenon as "a passage between cosmic seas, a period of rapid transformation spanning the end of one cycle and the beginning of another".

Love is the Only Karma, Amanda Roberts

Spirit is the source of all life and has always existed. It is infinite consciousness, constantly growing and extending itself.  Spirit created us to be expressions of it, so all souls come from spirit and all souls therefore must always have existed as spirit.  Spirit expresses itself as unconditional love for us; it is creative, joyful and knows only wholeness. Intellectually many of us accept that we are all one on a bigger spiritual level and that we are an expression of spirit, but find it hard to experience and understand with our whole be-ing, and to believe it on a practical physical, mental and emotional level.

Accessing Angelic Consciousness, Amanda Roberts

Angelic consciousness is becoming more accessible to us as our vibrational energy and general human consciousness moves higher towards December 2012. This is now the era of the angels and they can assist us to move closer to realising our divine, creative nature within our whole being...

Susan Fairley - Breath of Life

If you take the combined numerological value of the words BREATH OF LIFE it comes down to 8. The message is clear - "As above, so below". Further deep and empowering messages and choices flow out of the preceding four levels of each word...

Darreck Chen - The Concept of SRT

When asked about Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and how it could help a person in their life and in facing their challenges, it would take me a while to explain because people would have difficulty grasping the concept and were not able to fully understand it.

Michael Hill speaks on Seth

There are many spokes of truth in the wheel of life but the hub encompasses the totality. The rim is on the earth and it is necessary for us to move through space and time to gain time’s experience through physical incarnation and through experience ‘to be’ to transmit to the hub centre...

Michael Hill speaks on Seth - Hypnosis

Any good demonstration of hypnosis will clearly show that the point of power is in the present and that beliefs dictates experience. There is no magic to hypnosis. Each of you utilizes it constantly, only when particular procedures are assigned to it and when it is set aside from normal life does hypnotic suggestion seem so esoteric...

Susan Fairley - Judge Not - Lest Ye be Judged

How often have we heard that phrase? - or even been admonished by it? So what does it really mean? - the following is my personal interpretation: maybe others will feel differently...

Changes in Consciousness, Linda Turner

As the vibrations of the planet increase, our own vibrations too are changing. Collective consciousness is growing and a new awareness is dawning, bringing with it a greater need for us to find our spiritual selves, the truth about why we are here and the purpose of our lives...

Article on Spiritual Response Therapy, Linda Turner

We are so much more than just a physical body. What we think of as our "mind" has many facets - our conscious mind or "ego self" is the one we most often identify ourselves with. However, we also have a subconscious mind which contains within it every thought, experience and emotion and a superconscious mind which is our direct link to the Divine - often called Higher Self or Father Within - which helps to guide us through life's lessons...

Seeking Harmony, Linda Turner

Nothing is static. Everything is in a state of change. The Universe is opening up to us and the Earth's vibrational rate is increasing leading us to greater awareness of who we are and our connection to Prime Creator.

The Magnetic Field of the Heart, Amanda Roberts

The longest and most difficult journey many of us within the west have to make is moving from the head to the heart. We put a lot of emphasis on being logical, scientific and following through thoughts and solutions within our brains. Our brains with their knowledge and information are highly prized and rewarded within our society. The rewards can be financial, awards such as the Nobel prizes,  status symbols such as large houses in certain areas or cars, or having a position of authority within an organisation or society such as politicians.

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