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Susan Fairley, April 2015

Quite energetically "sparky" out there this year isn't it? So, what's new – maybe not new - actually a bit more than that, eh? 

The old chestnuts seem to be coming back and:

·       night sweats

·       palpitations

·       lethargy

·       body pains

·       anger

·       depression 

are all fairly high on the list.

We are none of us immune are we? It is at times like this that I am reminded of the late Vicky Wall's advice (creator of Aura-Soma), “keep trimming your wicks!" - which seems to say it all.

In no particular order, here are a few suggestions to dowse over and clear:

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Michael Hill speaks on Seth


 There are many spokes of truth in the wheel of life but the hub encompasses the totality. The rim is on the earth and it is necessary for us to move through space and time to gain time’s experience through physical incarnation and through experience ‘to be’ to transmit to the hub centre.Michael Hill  I have long been a fan of ‘Seth’ - the non-physical entity who called himself ‘energy personality essence’ - who channeled through Jane Roberts from late 1963 to 1984 when she passed over. One of her classics - and there are many - is ‘Seth Speaks’ (mentioned in Robert Detzler’s bibliography in his book ‘Soul Recreation’).   

Many years ago when I became interested in SRT I read ‘Seth Speaks’.  I was thrilled with it then and I decided to read it again towards the end of 2008.  It took me three months as I stayed with material that was deep, rich and timeless, astounding and deeply moving - especially considering that it was channeled in 1972 and Seth was making comments about quantum physics which are still not in mainstream knowledge.  I was completely bowled over by the deep compassion and wisdom which was shouting at me across the pages and little realizing how I have changed since I first read the book I was busy asking myself ‘how did I miss that information when I read it the first time?’  The very nature of ‘Seth Speaks’ helps you to understand that it is you who are the agent of change and that you do it from the centre of yourself or your ‘inner’ or ‘higher’ self.  On arrival at the last page, there was a feeling of genuine gratitude at the far-sighted view which Seth must have taken all those years ago, knowing as he did that it would take very many years to change our consciousness towards spiritual evolution. When Jane Robert’s passed over in 1984 it came as no surprise to me that a million ‘Seth’ books had been sold.  Over six million more have been published in 2008. 

 I would like to introduce a little of ‘Seth Speaks’ which has particular relevance to Spiritual Response Therapy and its evolution over the last twenty years.  Just to recap for those who do not know the origins of SRT, it grew from scientific research into hypnosis by studying ideomotor responses (finger or muscle twitching). Dr Lecron and others established that when a person was in a relaxed state you could train a person’s conscious mind by swinging a pendulum to go sideways (or horizontally) for a simple ‘no’ or up and down (or vertically) for ‘yes’ - and that the more you practiced, the information would gradually be taken into the inner or higher self. A Mr Cameron took the idea further and Robert Detzler, who was a Unity Minister at the time, took instruction from him.  From a starting point of just eight words Robert then began to develop the system of SRT.  He introduced the process within the Unity Church and was astonished at the immediate beneficial results which ensued. 

 As SRT became more well-known through its healing successes, the Unity Church became a little ‘twitchy’ about it, since the process of using a pendulum and charts to clear negative energies from past lives obviously has a strong bias towards reincarnation. Robert, along with Mary Anne, resigned from the Unity Church and started the Spiritual Response Association with just a group of loyal, hard-working and gifted people.  The movement is now worldwide, its growth and success largely created by word of mouth.  SRT now uses over thirty three charts which were created, designed and copyrighted by Robert and his helpers.  SRT has been evolving and changing all the time.  Perhaps because of Robert’s religious background, he was always looking for the “final” chart and many years went by before he realized that SRT would continue to change and that there never can be any finality. 

Only two years ago Robert came up with a very powerful change within SRT which was a deeper understanding of archetypes, the templates of our perfect origins.  These were first brought to the world’s attention by Carl Jung, the famous scientist and writer, who coined the phrase ‘unconscious archetypes’.  Robert brought out four additional charts to cater for these new and tremendously powerful archetypes, which needed a great deal of clearing. I particularly want to draw your attention to Chart 8B.  For those of you who are SRT Practitioners, Teachers and Consultants, you will be astonished to read the following couple of pages of  text from ‘Seth Speaks’ which outlines the nature of the Christ Spirit and its effect on the twelve Apostles.  

 Chapter 14 - Session 560 Monday, November 23rd, 1970/9:10 pm  Top of Page 203
‘There are many probable systems of reality, therefore, in which physical data predominates, but such physical probabilities represent but one small portion. Each of you also exist in nonphysical systems and I have explained earlier that your slightest thought or emotion is manifested in many other ways than in your own field of existence. Only a portion of your entire identity is "presently" familiar to you, as you know. Therefore when you consider the question of a supreme being, you imagine a male personality with those abilities that you yourself possess, with great emphasis upon qualities that you admire.

This imagined god has therefore changed throughout your centuries, mirroring man’s shifting ideas about himself. God was seen as cruel and powerful when man believed that these were desirable characteristics, needed particularly in his battle for physical survival. He projected these upon his idea of a god because he envied them and feared them. You have cast your idea of god therefore in your own image.

In a reality that is inconceivably multidimensional, the old concepts of god are relatively meaningless. Even the term, a supreme being is itself distortive, for you naturally project the qualities of human nature upon it.  If I told you that God was an idea, you would not understand what I meant, for you do not understand the dimensions in which an idea has its reality or the energy it can originate and propel. You do not believe in the same way that you believe in physical objects, so if I tell you that God is an idea, you will misinterpret this to believe that God is less than real - nebulous, without reality, without purpose and without motive action.
Now your own physical image is the materialisation of your idea of yourself within the property of matter. Without the idea of yourself your physical would not be, yet often it is all you are aware of.

Page 204
The initial power and energy of that idea of yourself keeps your image alive.  Ideas then are far more important than you realise. If you will try to accept the idea that your own existence is multidimensional, that you dwell within the medium of infinite probabilities then you may catch a slight glimpse that is behind the reality that is behind the word "god" and you may understand why it is almost impossible to capture a true understanding of that concept in words.

God, therefore is first of all a creator, not of one physical universe but of an infinite variety of probable existences, far more vast than those aspects of the physical universe which your scientists are familiar. He did not simply send a son to live and die on one small planet. He is part of all probabilities.

There have been parables told and stories of beginnings. All of these have been attempts to transmit knowledge in as simple terms as possible. Often answers were given to questions that have not meaning outside of your own system of reality.

For example: there is no beginning and there will be no end. Yet parables have been given telling you of beginnings and endings simply because with your distorted ideas of time beginnings and endings seem to be inseparable valid events.

As you learn to turn the focus of your attention away from physical reality and therefore experience some slight evidence of other realities your consciousness will cling to old ideas that make true explanations impossible for you to understand. Multidimensional awareness is available to you in your dreams, however, in some trance states, and often beneath ordinary consciousness as you go about your day. This awareness gives personal experience with the multidimensional richness that exists not apart from but intermingled with, within, through and all about your physical world of sense. To say that physical life is not real is to say that reality pervades all appearance and is a part of all appearances.  In the same manner, God does not exist apart from or separate from physical reality, but exists within it and as part of it, as he exists within and part of all other systems of existence. Your Christ figure represents, symbolically, your idea of God and his relationships.

There were three separate individuals whose history blended and they became known collectively as Christ - hence many discrepancies in your records. These were all males because at that time of your development you would not have accepted a female counterpart.

Page 205
These individuals were a part of one entity. You could not but imagine God as father. It would never have occurred to you to imagine a god in any other than in human terms, Earth components. These three figures worked a drama, highly symbolic, propelled by concentrated energy of great force.
 The events as they are recorded, however did not occur in history. The crucifixion of Christ was a psychic but not a physical event.  Ideas of unimaginablemagnitude were played out.  Judas, for example was not a man in your terms. He was - like all the other disciples - a blessed, created "fragment personality" formed by the Christ personality. He represented the self-betrayer Archetype . he dramatizes a portion of each individuals personality that focuses upon physical reality in a grasping manner and denies the inner self  or "Higher Self" out of greed. 
Each of the twelve represented qualities of personality that belong to one individual and Christ as you know him represented the inner self.  The twelve, therefore, plus Christ - as you know him (the one figure composed of the three) represented an individual earthly personality - the inner self - and twelve main characteristics (Archetypes - Positive aspects Chart 8B) and twelve main characteristics connected with the egotistical self.

As Christ was surrounded by the disciples so the inner self is surrounded by these physically orientated characteristics each drawn outwards towards daily reality on the one hand and yet orbiting the inner self.

The disciples, therefore, were given physical reality by the inner self, as all of your earthly characteristics come out of your inner nature. This was a living parable, made flesh amongst you - a cosmic play worked out for your behalf, couched in terms you could understand. The lessons were made plain, as all the ideas behind them were personified. If you will forgive the term, this was like a local morality play, put on in your corner of the universe. This does not mean that it was less real than you previously supposed, in fact the implications of what is said here should clearly hint at the more powerful aspects of godhead.

The three Christ personalities were born upon your planet and indeed became flesh among you. None of these was crucified. The twelve disciples were materializations from the energies of these three personalities - their combined energies. They were then fully endowed with individuality, however, but their main task was to clearly manifest within themselves certain abilities inherent in all men.  I hope you have enjoyed this article.  Look out for more from Mike before too long.



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