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Susan Fairley, April 2015

Quite energetically "sparky" out there this year isn't it? So, what's new – maybe not new - actually a bit more than that, eh? 

The old chestnuts seem to be coming back and:

·       night sweats

·       palpitations

·       lethargy

·       body pains

·       anger

·       depression 

are all fairly high on the list.

We are none of us immune are we? It is at times like this that I am reminded of the late Vicky Wall's advice (creator of Aura-Soma), “keep trimming your wicks!" - which seems to say it all.

In no particular order, here are a few suggestions to dowse over and clear:

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Michael Hill speaks on Seth - Hypnosis

I have quoted extensively from the sections on hypnosis contained in ‘The Nature of Personal Reality’ a Seth Book channelled by Jane Roberts in 1974.  I believe this book is a masterpiece and I commend it to all of you who practice SRT.

Feb 24th 2009-02-24
Any good demonstration of hypnosis will clearly show that the point of power is in the present and that beliefs dictates experience. There is no magic to hypnosis. Each of you utilizes it constantly, only when particular procedures are assigned to it and when it is set aside from normal life does hypnotic suggestion seem so esoteric.  Structured hypnosis merely allows the subject to utilize full powers of concentration thereby activating subconscious mechanisms.

With the distortions present in organised procedures, however, and the misunderstandings of the practitioner, the phenomenon seems to show a different face indeed. The subject agrees to accept the beliefs of the hypnotist.  Since telepathy exists the subject will not only react to verbal commands but to the unspoken beliefs of the practitioner thereby ‘proving’ what his profession is.  Hypnosis clearly shows in concentrated form the way in which beliefs affect your behaviour in normal life.  The various methods simply focus all of your attention on a specific area shutting out any distractions.

Your beliefs act like a hypnotist then.  As long as the particular directions are given so will your ‘automatic’ experience conform.  The one suggestion that can break through is this ‘I create my reality and the present is my point of power’.  If you do not like the effects of a belief you must alter it, for no manipulation of the exterior themselves will release you.  If you truly understand your power of action and decision in the present, then you will not be hypnotised by past events.

Think of the present as a pool of experience drawn from many sources, fed in your terms, by many tributaries from both the past and the future.  There are an infinite number of such tributaries (probabilities) and through your beliefs you choose from these adjusting their currents.  For example, if you constantly focus on the belief that your early background was damaging and negative then only such experiences will flow into your present life from the past. It does no good to say “but my life was traumatic” therefore reinforcing the belief.  You must one way or another modify that conviction or preferably change it entirely – or you will never escape from its effects. This does not mean “lying” to yourself but if it seems to you that your background held no joys, accomplishments or pleasures then you are lying to yourself now. You have concentrated on the negative to such a degree that anything else seems invisible. From the present you have hypnotised yourself viewing not as it was to your experience but as it appears now in the light of your current beliefs. You have reconstructed it. So when I tell you to restructure your past, I am not telling you to do something that you have not already done.

Hypnosis again is merely a state of concentrated attention in which you focus upon beliefs.  Popular demonstrations lead the public to believe the subject must fall asleep or be completely relaxed, yet this is not the case. The one prerequisite is an intense concentration on specific incoming data to the exclusion of everything else. Therefore the orders given are clear-cut and to the point.  No conflicting information is received, no crossed messages. The cutting out of superfluous data and the narrowing of focus are the two most important ingredients.  Relaxation, simply because the body messages are also quieted and the mind not concerned with them. 
Many beliefs were originally accepted as a result of such a situation without any formal induction, but when the circumstances were right.  A period of panic induces immediate accelerated concentration, all the forces of energy are mobilised at once, while little relaxation is usually involved.

On the other hand such beliefs can be accepted when it appears that the conscious mind is asleep or dulled as in periods of shock or during operations.  The focus of attention is narrowed, then intensified.  One of the troubles is that too specific distinctions are made between the conscious and unconscious minds, the interlap.    Hypnosis used properly without the mumbo jumbo usually assigned to it is an excellent method of inserting new beliefs and getting rid of old ones, this is only true, however, if you realise the power of your conscious mind in the moment and understand the ability of your conscious mind in the moment and understand the ability of your consciousness to mobilise unconscious reactions.  It is of the greatest importance that you realise several points before you try the method I suggest.

First of all the conscious mind is not a sponge indiscriminately accepting material regardless of the considerations of your conscious self.  All beliefs or suggestions are first sifted through your conscious mind and only those that you accept are permitted their penetration into the other areas of the self.

No negative beliefs were thrust upon you therefore despite your will. None can be inflicted upon you that you do not consciously accept.  In formal hypnosis the hypnotist and the subject play a game.  If the hypnotist orders the subject to forget what happens, that individual will pretend to do so.  In that context both hold the belief of the resulting forgetfulness and it is the power of belief that is being demonstrated, but instead this is taken as an indication that the conscious mind is helpless under such conditions, generally speaking and this is not the case.

Quite without any inductions you have ‘hypnotised’ yourself into all the beliefs that you have - this simply means that you have consciously accepted them, focused upon them, excluded data to the contrary, narrowed your interests to those specific points and accordingly activated the unconscious mechanisms that then materialise these convictions through physical experience.  Formal hypnosis merely brings about an accelerated version of what goes on all the time.  It is a perfect example of the instantaneous results possible ideally – but not usually seen practically - as present beliefs negate past ones. We are going to deal with practical methods that will allow you to alter beliefs and change your experience.  Later in this sheet we will also show you how your individual beliefs attract you to joys or disasters.  We will also discuss the ways we will bring many of you together both in great periods of celebration or as victims or survivors of disasters that seem to exist apart from yourselves.

Let us first of all discuss the nature of hypnosis, quite natural hypnosis, and the ways which you can use it now.  Then you will see how you can utilise it quite easily and deliberately in your present point of power.

What is the reality behind reality?  Is physical life a hallucination?  Is there some definable concrete reality of which our own is a mere shadow?

Your reality is a result of a hallucination, if by this you mean it is only the picture shown by your senses.

Physically of course your existence is perceived through the senses.   In that context corporeal life is an entranced one, with the focus of attention largely concentrated through the senses’ belief in the reality of their sensations.

Yet that experience is the one that reality takes for you now and so in other terms earthly life is one version of reality - not reality in its entirety, but a part of it is itself, an avenue through which you perceive what reality is in order to explore that experience you direct your attention to it and use all your other (non-physical) abilities as corollaries, adjuncts, additions.  You hypnotize your very nerves and the cells within your body for they will react in the way that you expect them to act and the beliefs of your conscious mind are followed in degree by all portions of the self down to the smallest atoms and molecules.

The large events of your life, your interaction with others, including the habitual working of the most minute physical events within your body - all this follows your Conscious Belief.

Again, if you are ill you may say ‘I did not want to be sick’, or if you are poor ‘I do not want to be poor’, or if you are unloved ‘I do not want to be lonely’.  Yet for your own reasons you begin to believe in illness more than health, in poverty more than abundance, in loneliness rather than affection.

You may have accepted some of these ideas from your parents. Their affects may have surrounded you, or you may have switched beliefs in one particular area of your life, but each can be changed if you uitilise the power of action in the present.  I am not saying that every one of you should be healthy, wealthy and wise.  I am only addressing those who have effects in their lives with which they are dissatisfied.  In one manner of speaking then, the suggestions that you give yourselves constantly operate overall as beliefs that are reflected in your experience.

Some of you are simply mentally lazy. You do not Consciously examine the information that you receive.

Many who make practice of ‘denying’ negative suggestions from others, asserting positive affirmations instead, actually do so because they are so fully convinced that the power of negative beliefs is stronger than that of beneficial ones.

Each of you will find habitual thought patterns in your own life backed up resulting action-conditioned behaviour as it were - by which you continually reinforce negative aspects, concentrate upon them to the exclusion of conflicting data and so bring them into experience through natural hypnosis.

Many people assign great power to a hypnotist, whenever you have the undivided attention of another, you act as a hypnotist to a large degree.  Whenever you have your own undivided attention you act as hypnotist and subject simultaneously.  You give yourself post-hypnotic suggestions all the time particularly when you project present conditions into the future.

I want to impress upon you the fact that all this follows the natural function of the mind and to dispel any ideas that you have about the ‘magical’ aspects of hypnosis.

For five or ten minutes a day at the most, then, use natural hypnosis as a method of accepting desired new beliefs, eg ‘I am a non-smoker’, during that time period concentrate your attention as vividly as possible upon one single statement.  Repeat it over and over again whilst focusing upon this time period.  Try to feel the statement in any way possible - use sound, colour, shapes, using your imagination to visualise the future and the success of this changed belief.  If your mind goes walkabout then bring it back to the now and carry on repeating the statement.

The repetition, verbally or mentally is important because it activates biological patterns and reflects them. Do not strain. During the period however do remember that you are using the present as a moment of power to insert new beliefs and that these will indeed be materialised.  When the exercise is finished do not dwell on it, put it from your mind.  You will have utilized natural hypnosis in a concentrated form.

You may have to experiment to design the proper wording for your particular change belief but three days at least are necessary before you can tell through results how effective you have been.  Do not be concerned about changing the wording or the time frame; we are all gloriously different. When you feel right about the statement then continue it. They say it takes a lunar month to change a habit and you may experience spectacular results straight away.  Your attention should be completely relaxed so you can utilise your own experience of putting yourself out of Beta into Alpha and Theta,  which is as deep as sleep.  Inner Channels must become repatterned.  There will be a feel for this that will serve as your own individual guidelines and your Higher Self will be delighted to assist. Do not go longer that ten minutes and enjoy the connection.

Copied & typed by Michael Hill, Teacher & Consultant of Spiritual Response Therapy
With grateful thanks to Jane Roberts and Seth.
Wednesday, 25 February 2009

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