How can SRT help you?

SRT really can help in every area of your life!

The benefits may not happen overnight and of course you will need to continue your involvement on a conscious level to maintain and build on the clearing work. After all, we are here to learn and grow and we never stop learning lessons or facing our challenges! However, with the removal of your negative energies, and with renewed clarity and focus, all of these things can be achievable.
  • Release your subconscious blocks
  • Wealth
  • Abundance
  • Prosperity
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Harmonious relationships
  • Break your old habits
  • Cravings
  • Addictions
  • Drug abuse
  • Health abuse
  • Childhood fears
  • Allergies
  • Release repeat patterns
  • Relationships that don't work
  • Making the same mistakes over & over again
  • Emotional difficulties
  • Empower Yourself
  • Conquer your phobias, agoraphobia/claustrophobia, etc.
  • Break free from manic depression
  • Remove your obsessions/compulsions
  • Leave the past behind you
  • Deal with relationship conflicts
  • Increase your energy
  • Become vital again
  • Get rid of M.E.
  • Replace negative thinking with positive
  • Reach your full potential
  • Achieve your dream
  • Begin to live again
  • Feel free to make your own choices
  • Discover focus and clarity
  • Live in harmony with yourself
  • Regain your confidence and self-esteem
  • Clear negative energies
  • From your home/work
  • Around birth
  • Around death (including the dying & those who have passed over)

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"It is amazing how uncluttered one feels afterwards and changed in profound ways. Others benefited from SRT straight away when I felt there was no other appropriate therapy to use. It's a special and unique angle to approach a blockage from. SRT is very easy to learn and Linda, my advanced teacher, is a pleasure to have as a teacher. I really enjoyed the comfortable learning space at her lovely home and her relaxed, yet highly professional way of teaching with love and joy. Thanks Linda. I look forward to meeting you again. Love Sandra""

Sandra Ditta Herrmann

"Linda is an intensly spiritual but absolutely practical person. SRT has focused, clarified and improved my life. Thank you. A wonderful website."

Peter Richardson

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