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Susan Fairley - new information

Linda Turner has resigned as an SRT and SpR Teacher

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Linda Turner


Linda ceased teaching SRT and SpR in  April 2015 and is no longer affiliated with the SRA.

She is now concentrating her energies on SuperConnection Limited, a company she jointly owns with Alice Foehn from Hong Kong, also a former SRT and SpR teacher.

Please visit to read about our new, vibrant, easy to learn and effective system. There are five modules:

SuperConnect1 - offers insights into the spiritual nature of mankind and how, on all levels of its Being, a human's energy field interacts with and affects everything around it and is One with the energy of the Universe.

SuperConnect2 - Offers insights into fundamental human beliefs and into the mental, emotional and psychological blocks that cause real difficulties and challenges in this lifetime.

SuperConnect3 (Beyond Limits Energy Healing) - offers a new, creative and innovative approach towards returning the body back to harmony and wellness.

SuperConnect4 (Beyond Limits Energy Healing for Cats & Dogs) - offers a new and innovative approach towards understanding the needs of your cat or dog and helps to bring its physical body back to harmony and wellness.

SuperConnect 5 - Body ReConnection - offers an opportunity to learn more about the phsyical body and different approaches towards healing.

Read more about the class content here.

Classes are held regularly in the UK, Europe and in Asia. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience or esoteric knowledge required.



To inspire and empower others to create change through self-empowerment.


Connection to the world, from all corners. Inviting everyone to become ONE, irrespective of race, beliefs and gender.


The power of Love transcends all; offering us hope and peace within ourselves and for the whole human race.



Linda Turner

01622 736814

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