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This website is being maintained for information purposes only and is no longer active. It will be taken down at the end of December 2017.

However, until then you are still welcome to add your details as an existing SRT personal practitioner and can register your details below.

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"Yesterday I had a SRT session and I am deeply touched. The method is amazing. There are no words that can describe what I feel today. Thank you."

Katie Kruza

"Just wanted to say what a wonderful three days and a big thank you to Linda for some excellent teaching and high quality and thorough teaching packs. Between the basic and advanced course I was offered a new job and feel sure that SRT contributed to that. Plus, on a less material level, I truly feel like I've been profoundly connected to Spirit. Amazing! There is no doubt in my mind that SRT can take us uniquely into 2012 and beyond. love Sue "

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