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Often the books that we are meant to read have been sitting unread on our bookshelves for a long time. Maybe you see the book you need on someone else's coffee table or you hear two of three people mention the same title and then, as if by magic, there it is in Waterstones or WH Smith. Sometimes you will browse the shelves in the Mind Body Spirit section and a book will jump out at you. I've often had books fall off the shelves at my feet - and, yes, it's that synchronicity thing again! If you are attracted to a book, there will no doubt be a message in there for you somewhere. It may only be one line which strikes a cord, but that one line might have a startling affect on your life.

In an attempt to help those of you who feel you would like recommendations, I have compiled a list of some old favourites and some newer titles. The list is not in any way comprehensive but the books may help some of you on your journey of discovery. Not all the books fall into the MBS category, some are self-help. What they do have in common is their ability to stimulate and provoke the mind and perhaps to open you up to some different concepts or other ways of thinking.


The Freedom Path/Soul Re-Creation/Spiritual HealingRobert Detzler
The FieldLynne McTaggart
Timeless Healing Herbert Benson
Ask and it is GivenEsther and Jerry Hicks
Living in the Light/Creative Visualisation Shakti Gawain
Journey of Souls/Destiny of Souls/Life Between LivesMichael Newton
The Disappearance of the UniverseGary R Reynard
The Power of Kabbalah Yehuda Berg
Stalking the Wild PendulumItzhak Bentov
The new Psycho-Cybernetics Maxwell Maltz
You Can Heal Your Life Louise L Hay
The Mind Body Workbook Debbie Shapiro
Essential Spirituality Roger Walsh
The Purpose of Your Life Carol Adrienne
The Celestine Prophecy (series) James Redfield
The Alchemist/Manual of the Light Warrior Paulo Coelho
The Pleidian Workbook Quan Yin
Bringers of the Dawn/Earth/Family of Light Barbara Marciniak
The Hermetica Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy
Tao Te Ching (Lao Tzu) Stephen Mitchell
Bhagavad Gita Ranchor Prime

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